DIY Salmon Nigiri Sushi Costume

There’s something about dressing as giant food that I find amusing, and being a huge fan of sushi meant that transforming myself into a giant piece of salmon nigiri for Halloween was meant to be.

Super bonus: this costume is very easy and cheap to make (it cost me about $10 and maybe took 1 hour of ‘work’).

What you need:
• textured white dress or top (to emulate rice)
• strip of black fabric (for the nori)
• salmon-coloured fabric
• pillow stuffing
• paintbrush & white fabric paint
• needle & thread (or sewing machine)
• a headband


• light-green coloured shower poof (for the wasabi)
• green construction paper or cardstock
• chopsticks
• empty soy-sauce packages
• velcro or safety pins
• belt that fits snugly around your natural waist


DIY salmon sushi costume

Put on your white top, along with your salmon pillow, nori wrap, and condiment headband, and voila, you are now a giant piece of sushi! Make sure you give lots of  peace-signs in every photo throughout the night!